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Unit 44 Metropolitan Park Greenford

Vivreau Ltd in a nutshell:

As a global leader in the development and manufacture of purified drinking water dispensers they believe that water systems go beyond being just vending machines and hence need to be designed according to the environment. They also believe in providing excellent service from Europe to North America South Africa and Australasia. Along with Brita Vivreau leads the path with new technology improved water filtration and product development.

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What Vivreau Ltd have to say...

Established in the late 80's, Vivreau has grown to become the global leader in the development and manufacture of purified drinking water dispensers. Vivreau believe that water systems are more than just a vending machine and should be designed to suit your environment.

Corporate offices, hotels, restaurants, country clubs, conference centres, medical and educational institutions become more sustainable by enabling them to offer their 'own' limitless, chilled, advanced micro filtered sparkling and still water in reusable, Designer glass bottles.

Vivreau together with Brita continue to develop new innovations and improved water quality, helping to provide good quality drinking water from the most advanced drinking water systems. Our ultimate goal is to change the way people drink water and eliminate the need to transport pre-bottled mineral waters around the world.

Vivreau is a privately owned company founded in the late 1980's as a family business. Today we have established our position as the global market leader by providing the highest quality drinking water products and consistently excellent service wherever Vivreau is served around the world, from Europe to North America, South Africa and Australasia.

In 2012 BRITA the global leader in water filtration acquired 50% of Vivreau combining the strengths of the two leading brands in their respective industries. Together Vivreau and Brita continue to lead the way with new technology, improved water filtration and product development accommodating a range of water dispensers unrivalled across the world.

BRITA Vivreau are renowned for being the innovators of the industry and are the original designers of the entire concept of the Table Water Bottling System as well as the LinkLine System and the first manufacturers of a single tap dispensing chilled still, sparkling and instant boiling hot water.

BRITA Vivreau is the industry standard for all hospitality and catering environments from corporate headquarters and leading hotels to Michelin starred restaurants, and now services the needs of the world’s leading companies including approximately 75% of the top 100 UK companies and many fortune 500 companies.

From its inception BRITA Vivreau's purified drinking water dispensers provided an environmentally positive alternative to pre-bottled mineral waters, a fact which has become a key driver in recent years for clients who have become increasingly concerned about their environmental impact.

BRITA Vivreau continue to innovate and develop new solutions to help companies not only reduce their carbon footprint but also reduce unnecessary expenditure on pre-bottled mineral waters.

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