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Whether you are a jobseeker looking for new and upcoming opportunities at TSC Foods or a shortlisted candidate waiting for your first interview with TSC Foods it's important that you do your research about TSC Foods and understand who they are as a company, their strategic vision and how you can fit in and support their business goals.

Securing a job and starting a career with TSC Foods begins with good preparation. This TSC Foods profile page contains a snapshot of the company and provides direct links to their public profile where you can access the latest information to boost your knowledge, understanding and background company information to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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TSC Foods Company Details

Arkwright Way Scunthorpe North
DN16 1AL

TSC Foods in a nutshell:

They began by providing addedvalue chilled and frozen product solutions for Food Service Retail and B2B partners. TCS Foods now provides risottos prepared cooked vegetables dips dressings gravies marinades recipe dish couscous fresh pickles chutneys sweet sauces etc. They also excel in packaging and provide expertise in pack communications and functional technologies.

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What TSC Foods have to say...

TSC Foods prides itself on being at the cutting edge of chilled and frozen food product development. We specialise in delivering innovative added-value chilled and frozen product solutions for Food Service, Retail and B2B partners. The business was founded more than two decades ago, producing chilled soups and sauces for its customers.

TSC Foods is now part of The Billington Group. Today, its portfolio has expanded to consist of a wide range of products including risottos, prepared cooked vegetables, dips, dressings, gravies, marinades, recipe dish, couscous, fresh pickles & chutneys, sweet sauces and compotes.

Our innovative approach doesn’t stop in the kitchen. Packaging is also an area where we endeavour to provide market leading design and flexibility, and we work closely with the industry's leading experts for solutions in pack communication and functional technologies. From sachets to multi-layer trays, 40g portions to pallecons we are able produce to satisfy most requirements.

Our food development team is at the leading edge of chilled product development and works with its food service and retailer customers to ensure their menus and ranges reflect the very latest in popular food trends from all over the world.

We are acutely aware of the dynamic nature of the food market, with shifting trends and speed to market being critical. Our role is to have new ideas ready to hit customers’ menus or shelves at precisely the right time to meet market needs, typically creating around sixty new recipe concepts per day and launching over 700 new products per year.

With an enormous range of soups on offer, our development chefs have been instrumental in creating a diverse recipe book.

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