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British Sugar plc Company Details

Durn Isla rd
Durn Isla Rd Perth Perthshire
Telephone:0044 01738 587000

British Sugar plc in a nutshell:

British sugar specializes in sugar production. It produces over 1 million tons of sugar and over 500000 tons of animal feed from the sugar beet pulp. The company recycles stones for building soil for landscaping and lime for soil conditioning. Also it produces electricity and exports it to over 160000 homes. The company has invested in the first UK bioethanol plant that produces over 70 million liters of renewable fuel. Its sugar is found in leading supermarkets and it is sold under Silv

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What British Sugar plc have to say...

The scale and nature of our operations mean that behind every product is the total assurance of food safety, product traceability, security of supply and a commitment to product innovation.

We maintain our market leading position by anticipating and meeting the needs of our customers.

Sugar production remains at the core of our operations, but using a highly integrated approach to manufacturing, we aim to transform all of our raw materials into sustainable products.

British Sugar produces over 1 million tonnes of sugar in the UK and an additional 500,000 tonnes of animal feed from sugar beet pulp. We recycle stones for building, lime for soil conditioning and soil for landscaping.

Using our Combined Heat & Power plants, we export enough electricity for 160,000 homes and we invested in the UK’s first Bioethanol plant, producing 70 million litres of renewable fuel.

Backed by some of the most productive beet processing facilities, British Sugar is well placed to develop its capability in the years ahead.

You will find our sugar on supermarket shelves under the Silver Spoon brand, one of the UK’s leading food brands. To find out more,

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