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Brindisa Ltd in a nutshell:

The term brindis comes from Spain which means to raise ones glass in a toast. The work at Brindisa Ltd has been in celebration of the various cultures landscapes and definitely the exceptional foods of Spain. They owe their success to the employees who are passionate about what they do. In turn Brindisa fosters a culture that is open honest and stresses on respect for all the employees.

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What Brindisa Ltd have to say...

Our company name comes from the word ‘brindis’, to raise one’s glass in a toast, and our work over the past 28 years has been to toast and celebrate the varied cultures, landscapes and, above all the exceptional foods of SpaiIn essence, the business is a tribute to the people who create the remarkable cheeses, hams, meats, fish, and a huge selection of other ingredients that are now enjoyed in the UK.It is hard to imagine now but, back in 1988 when the business was founded by Monika Linton, knowledge of Spanish gastronomy was almost non-existent in the UK. Starting with a conviction that the foods she loved in Spain deserved to find a wider audience, Monika launched her company on a shoestring.

After more than 27 years the business has grown to include:

A wholesale business providing hundreds of different products to many of the country’s finest restaurants, delis and food halls.

One of the first retail outlets in Borough Market, Southwark, now regarded as being among the finest food markets in Britain.

A Barcelona inspired café in Brixton, South London, with a Spanish delicatessen next door.

A world renowned chorizo roll, regularly listed as one of Time Out’s top ten cheap eats in London.

Five ground breaking tapas bars and restaurants in Central London, and a restaurant in the heart of Barcelona’s El Raval area, neighbouring the Boqueria market.

A state of the art warehouse and distribution centre in Balham which includes cheese maturing rooms and optimal storage conditions for Ibérico meats, charcuterie, nuts, chocolate, fish, fresh fruit and vegetables.

Hugely popular ham schools, where customers learn the essentials of carving jamón and to determine the best wine pairings with our experts.

Our online shop, which ensures that our delicious Spanish foods are available throughout the UK, whenever and wherever you need them.

Fine Spanish food is now firmly on the gastronomes’ map in the UK and our team at Brindisa is proud to have played a part in this change.

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