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Daylesford Company Details

Daylesford near Kingham
GL56 0YG

Daylesford in a nutshell:

Having farmed organically for more than 30 years Daylesford brings the best of the seasons from our farm to your fork combining the freshest ingredients with artisan skills and a little flair to create awardwinning organic food that is as good as it tastes.

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What Daylesford have to say...

Daylesford works with the seasons to rear contented animals, grow fruit and vegetables, and make award-winning cheeses, bread and cakes - all ready to be enjoyed in Daylesford's kitchen, or yours. At Daylesford we're in love with food. We want to grow, farm, produce and sell food according to sustainable principles, and in harmony with the environment. We’re also one of the most sustainable farms in the UK.

All our food comes straight from our farm to your fork: our meat and poultry, fruit and vegetables from our market garden, bread from our bakery, and cheese, milk and yoghurt from our creamery. To make our soups and meals, our chefs use only the freshest ingredients, combined with simple techniques to bring out the natural flavours of our seasonal, organic produce.

When we don’t make a product on our farm, we source from artisan suppliers who share our commitment to quality and sustainability, and who produce items to our recipes. We are fully transparent in that you can visit our farm to see for yourself how our animals are kept, where our vegetables are grown and how our food is produced.

Daylesford is proud to be one of the most sustainable farms in the UK. We want to farm, grow, produce and sell food according to sustainable principles, and in harmony with the environment. A farm in perfect harmony requires few artificial external inputs, yet still yields healthy harvests of meat, dairy, vegetables and fruit, year after year.

We farm towards 100% self-sufficiency. We already strive to be truly sustainable by using no pesticides or fertilisers, managing field rotations, creating wildlife habitats, harvesting rainwater, installing solar panels and by practicing animal husbandry of the highest welfare standards. We feed all our ruminant livestock (lamb, dairy, beef and venison) with
a GM-free, organic, forage-based diet grown on our own farms. Since 2009 we have been committed to year-on-year reductions in fossil fuel usage and carbon emissions. We’re also on the way to sending nothing to landfill.

We embraced organic farming over 35 years ago and we continue to be dedicated to growing, producing and cooking seasonal, organic food.

We believe that when people eat natural, organic food, they can taste the difference. It’s a chain of goodness that begins with healthy soil, and finishes with healthy animals and people.

All Daylesford products have full organic certification from the Soil Association.

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