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John West Foods Company Details

No1 Mann Island
Liverpool Merseyside
L3 1BP

John West Foods in a nutshell:

Founded by John West in 1857 they fish the stormiest seas and harshest rivers to deliver the best catch of delicious wild fish. John West Foods are committed to sustainable fishing ensuring that the oceans are always full of fish for future generations to enjoy too. They are always in search of great talent and appreciate employees who are passionate responsible and want to make a difference to the business and customers.

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What John West Foods have to say...

Today, you can be sure John West’s quality is as reliable as ever. It’s been that way for over 150 years and there’s no sign of it changing. From as far back as 1857 we’ve fished the harshest rivers and the stormiest seas to bring you the best and most delicious wild fish out there. And we’ve been doing it in the traditional, time-honoured way of our founder, John West himself.

As you can probably work out from the heading these are some of the most popular questions that John West have been asked over the years, so we thought we’d answer them all at the same time.

We know where every one of our products comes from and we want to share this with you. We are working to add all our products to the can tracker, but currently you can trace the following tuna products from the Seychelles and Ghana; No Drain Tuna, Tuna Chunks, Tuna Steaks in Brine, Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil and Spring Water. You can also trace our Red and Pink Salmon from Alaska and Canada, as well as our Mackerel and Sardines from Portugal.

At John West, we’ve been catching and selling fish for over 150 years and we plan to carry on doing the same forever. That’s why we’re committed to sustainable fishing, making sure our oceans can be home to fish for future generations to enjoy forever. 'SeaChange®' refers to Thai Union’s (our parent company) approach to Sustainability. SeaChange® is designed to deliver real and lasting change in the way that we operate, lead and influence. The four key pillars of SeaChange® are Responsible Sourcing, Marine Conservation, Safe and Legal Labour and Caring for our Communities. In addition, at John West, we have partnered with WWF, as a key part of our journey towards MSC certification.

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