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Chop d Company Details

1-3 Leadenhall Market London

Chop d in a nutshell:

In December 2004 they opened in Leadenhall Market and today have 13 stores across London in addition to sites in Manchester and Leeds selling thousands of soups and stews and over 20000 salads. To Chopd good food is real natural food with flavor and made with the freshest ingredients. They are always looking for passionate and dedicated employees who genuinely work hard and deliver their best as they are then also rewarded well.

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What Chop d have to say...

We’ve always cared about good food, which to us means real, natural food with flavour, made from ingredients that haven’t been mucked about with.

For us, it’s obvious. When food is in season & produced locally, it just tastes better & when some of the best ingredients are on our doorstep, why ship them halfway across the world? So our apples come from the Brogdale orchard in Kent and our chickens come from Essex. We buy heritage tomatoes from Sussex during the summer and asparagus only ever when it’s in season locally (from the same farm that supplied the Royal wedding!)

We use most of the same suppliers today as when we started because if you find someone who produces the best ingredients, why not stick with them? Forman’s of London supply all our fish & have done since day one. They also roast our chickens, whole on the bone, and pick it by hand, just like you’d do at home. They then use the bones to make the chicken broth that goes in our soups. Our tofu is made in small batches on Brick Lane and an old friend of ours, Clara, makes our jerk chicken paste. We’ve stuck with the same London bakery for all our bread, which is made with just three ingredients; flour, water & salt. Our fruit & veg wholesaler, Paul, gets up before midnight to pick the best of the day’s produce. When we started he came to us with a couple of boxes full. He now fills three vans.

We want to serve the best and the best-tasting food we can. We'll leave the fads and this month's trendy ingredient to others. We're all about food that's honest, natural and full of flavour - food we love to eat ourselves and food we’d be happy to give our kids.

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