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Rail Gourmet Company Details

169 Euston Rd London

Rail Gourmet in a nutshell:

They have a vision to work along with railway companies across Europe to become their onboard partner of choice by delivering fast efficient and quality fare on every customer journey. In that endeavour they provide a One Stop Shop for every aspect of modern rail catering right from creating new product to customer service on board and whatever is else is required for customer satisfaction.The team at RG are totally dedicated to the rail industry with a right blend of knowledge and skills.

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What Rail Gourmet have to say...

Our vision is to be the “On-board Partner of Choice”, working together with railway companies across Europe and beyond.

RG is part of SSP – The Food Travel Experts and everywhere we operate, we aim to bring new and innovative ideas to the rail industry to improve the customer experience.

Operating across 9 countries, our fully owned and joint venture companies deliver a 24/7 service in the fast moving railway environment, ranging from the West of Ireland through to the West of Russia.

RG’s teams are 100% dedicated to the rail industry and have a unique mix of knowledge and experience in culinary skills, product supply, logistics, technology, marketing and of course, providing on-board services.

This guarantees that we consistently deliver to train schedules and customer service targets, easily replicating best practice from one location to another to benefit all our clients.

Avecra Oy is a joint venture between VR (Finnish State Railways) and RG.

The company provides high class restaurant and retail catering services at railway stations as well as extensive on-board service operations across Finland, including on the Pendolino, Intercity and overnight trains.

The new high speed cross-border Allegro trains, now joining Helsinki and St Petersburg in Russia, offer First Class complimentary meals, a retail restaurant and a café bar service to its international customers.

A fully owned subsidiary of RG UK, RG Ireland provides all of the on-board service on Irish Rail, operating from Dublin Heuston and Dublin Connolly to the main inter city destinations such as Cork, Galway, Limerick, Westport, Waterford, Tralee and Sligo.

Services include trolleys, café bars and restaurants and the company has its own supply chain and logistics support operations.

We offer a 'One Stop Shop' for every element of modern rail catering, from exciting new product development, through to serving customers on-board and everything in between.

Today’s rail passenger market is developing faster than ever and to satisfy the discerning traveller, the on-board service has to be able to deliver fast, efficient and good quality fare on every journey. Our expertise in the rail catering arena allows us to do just that, by having the right people, products and processes in place, at the right time, every minute of every hour of every day.

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