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Orchard House Foods in a nutshell:

Orchard House Foods was the first business in the UK to commercialise freshlysqueezed orange juice.

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What Orchard House Foods have to say...

Originally founded in 1985 by David Long, a Brit who discovered freshly-squeezed orange juice whilst living in California and established the business upon his return to the UK. Ever since then we have been squeezing and cutting fruit for UK retailers and food producers, perfecting our art and expertise.

For over 30 years we have remained the UK’s market leader in ready-to-eat fresh fruit products, fresh fruit patisserie and drinks for leading UK retailers. Our commitment to innovation and NPD is renowned, as is our investment in our people.

Orchard House Foods employs over 1,000 people between our sites in Corby and Gateshead.

Consumers´ desire for a healthier lifestyle, plus the government’s “5 A Day” initiative means that Orchard House Foods continues to be a strong, healthy, growing business.

Orchard House Foods are fortunate enough to have long established relationships with many of the UK’s leading retailers, on-the-go food outlets, food service providers and manufacturers.

We are recognised as the leading processor of delicious fresh fruit products. Orchard House Foods are trusted to deliver quality and service consistently, often leaning on our expertise and experience to overcome the many challenges which arise in preparing the very best fresh fruit. Our reputation has also given newer customers the confidence to place their business with us knowing they will be offering their consumers an array of fabulous convenient products.

In addition to placing the highest importance on quality, we equally understand the necessity of supporting our customers in protecting their reputation. We work tirelessly to ensure our food safety, ethical and environmental standards are achieved in everything we do.

At Orchard House Foods we take pride in delivering high quality, innovative products to our customers. Our manufacturing sites and processes are some of the most well invested and cutting-edge in the industry and are certified to the BRC Global Standard for Food Manufacturing, Grade A.

We have strong customer and supplier relationships and supply most retailers with own-label product. We therefore operate and are audited to the rigorous retailer manufacturing standards for Food Safety and Integrity.

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