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PSL - The Food Professionals Company Details

Walton House 11-13 Parade
Royal Leamington Spa
CV32 4DG

PSL - The Food Professionals in a nutshell:

As a Food Solutions Partner they go beyond procurement since they believe in food savings. PSL has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge and hospitality industry insight over 23 years and with more than 1000 man years of experience. The expertise includes food procurement operation optimization and implementation of technological solutions which all add up to time savings and ultimately profit increases.

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What PSL - The Food Professionals have to say...

We’re your food solutions partner focussed on food procurement, recipe costing and allergen management for the hospitality industry.

We have a team of experts of more than 70, equating to over 1,000 years of experience within the hospitality industry. Our success has been based on forming lasting relationships with our clients, as well as more than 150 accredited suppliers who help to ensure we continually supply the highest quality standards of food whilst controlling costs and increasing profits and margin. Our clients, suppliers and staff members are the three key partners which form one formidable team, whereby success only occurs when all three stakeholders benefit.

Founded in 1993, PSL are food procurement and margin improvement management experts, specialising in the food service market.

Our client portfolio boasts over 260 contracts representing over 600 hotels, including hotel groups both small and large, many independent 4 star and luxury 5 star hotels, brasseries, restaurants, deli concepts, branded high street restaurants, private schools, universitites, London Clubs and numerous Michelin starred hotels and restaurants.

PSL have been integral in streamlining purchasing and introducing reliable, quality suppliers across the estate. Each of our properties offers a unique dining experience and PSL have worked alongside the Chefs and General Managers on menu creation and costings and we’re benefiting from the savings they have introduced.”

We will achieve our vision by working with a trusted and proven base of suppliers with specific expertise in all food categories. In addition to food procurement, there are two other critical factors for success.

The operational and integration side to our business, as well as advantages that can be harnessed through technology, such as our recipe costing system and allergen management, as an example of our continued development

We are focussed on driving efficiencies through procurement and operations which directly result in an increase of profits. We will drive the highest level of quality by partnering with the best suppliers and harnessing an open and collaborative method of working. We offer a unique approach, tailoring a solution that can continually adapt in order to align to the short, medium and longer term goals of our clients.

It is this approach and methodology that delivers successes through procurement, operational and technological advancement, all of which ultimately delivers to the bottom line and provides a sustainable model for all stakeholders.


We’re not just about procurement, we are a food savings business. We have a vast amount of knowledge and hospitality industry insight that has been built up over 23 years and over 1,000 years of experience across our team. This includes procurement, integration, optimising operations and implementing technological solutions that contribute to the saving of time and money and ultimately increase profits

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