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Noon Products in a nutshell:

They started their journey in 1989 with Indian foods and today their fare includes South Asian menus Mexican flavors and much more with 564 different recipes and preparing 2.4 million meals every week. Their Indian snacks include Samosas bhajias and spring rolls. Their naans are cooked in tandoors and every naan that is hand cooked which is different from the competition. They attribute their success to their employees who are at the heart of the business helping serve the very best dishes.

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What Noon Products have to say...

Indian food is where our journey started. Back in 1989, Gulam Noon (who later became Lord Noon) set out with just four recipes. Now the market leader for Indian and Oriental prepared meals in the retail market, we’ve created 564 different recipes and cook 2.4 million meals every week.

Find out more about our story below.

As our business has grown, so has our knowledge of food. Our team of Chefs now includes specialists in South Asian menus, Mexican flavours and much much more. And our plans for the future will see us travelling even further.

Noon may have only started with four recipes, but we’ve come a long way since then. We’re now the leading supplier of Indian and Oriental prepared meals in the Retail Sector and we’re continuing to explore and experiment with new tastes from all over the world.

Samosas, bahjis, spring rolls and much more. Our chefs pour as much effort into creating our snacks as they do our meals. And we make sure that effort isn’t wasted – our snacks are put together by hand; each one given the care it deserves.

Traditional cooking methods, carefully selected spices and fresh ingredients are the secrets to the success of our ready meals. We pride ourselves on making sure every meal that leaves our kitchen is packed full of authentic flavour.

In India, it is only naan if it is cooked in a tandoor. The same goes at Noon. Every naan bread that leaves our kitchen has been hand cooked in one of our tandoor ovens. It’s one of the many details that stands us apart from the competition.

It’s very simple really. Our success is down to our people. They’re at the heart of our business and help us create and produce the very best dishes from around the world. But the magic starts in new product development.

Every new product here starts life in a development kitchen. Our chefs lead development, like they lead every other aspect of our business. They work with our clients – advising them on the most authentic flavours, explaining their recipes and making sure every detail of the spicing is perfect.

Then - and this is the really unusual bit - they take their recipe into our giant kitchen and work with the teams there to make their recipe a reality. Every Chef guards their own recipe, from that first scribble in a notepad through to final delivery to the supermarket.

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