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Whether you are a jobseeker looking for new and upcoming opportunities at Aspens Services Ltd or a shortlisted candidate waiting for your first interview with Aspens Services Ltd it's important that you do your research about Aspens Services Ltd and understand who they are as a company, their strategic vision and how you can fit in and support their business goals.

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Suite 5 Offerton Barns Business Centre Offerton Lane Hindlip Worcestershire

Aspens Services Ltd in a nutshell:

We use our expertise commitment and great cooking ability to create a range of services that you and your customers will love.

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What Aspens Services Ltd have to say...

Whether you need a new food provider, a deli bar, coffee shop or full retail outlet we can help. We have the experience to cater for small, medium and large, multi-site clients. If you don’t need someone to operate your service for you, why not ask us to help you plan and design it? You can also use our menus and suppliers to enhance your current service on a consultancy basis.

Healthy eating and nutritional analysis are key strengths of our catering service. Whether you need to meet the stringent guidelines that school food requires or whether you have increasingly health conscious customers, we have the software support and nutritional expertise required to ensure your menus exceed expectations.

Our team is shaped from the knowledge and experience of working with large contract caterers. Over the years, we came to realise that more and more clients wanted to deal with a smaller, more focused team to deliver a solution that was tailored for them and didn’t form part of a bigger, corporate picture.

We are one team, with the same goal – to provide a great catering service to our customers and enjoy what we do. We share a commitment to quality, a concern for the environment, and a belief in the importance of people and teamwork.

At Aspens, we provide a variety of tailored and cost effective contract catering solutions. From small primary schools to multi-site colleges, universities and businesses, we transform both the catering service and the satisfaction levels of our customers. We are always looking to provide the most effective catering service possible.We work hard to ensure we incorporate the produce of regional farmers and producers into our menus and have sustainable buying and working practices to make sure our contract catering services have a minimal impact on the environment. Our reputation is built on great tasting food, a professional and ethical approach and our ability to offer a cost effective and professional service in all aspects of contract catering. Why not find out what we can do for you by contacting us today?If you are interested in what we do and how we do it, and would like to have a talk on a confidential basis, without obligation - please get in touch with us today. If you are a parent or guardian, or an existing client and would like to ask a question about our service, our food or our menus feel free to contact us anytime.

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