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Kingsmead Business Park High
HP11 1JU

Bidvest Foodservice in a nutshell:

At Bidvest Foodservice we share your passion for great food we focus on delivering service excellence and providing all the right ingredients to help you grow.Our vision: To be the best foodservice provider.Our mission: To deliver service excellence make life easier and help customers to grow

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What Bidvest Foodservice have to say...

The Bidvest Group Limited operates as services, trading, and distribution company in South Africa and internationally. Divisions The various divisions of the company include Bidfreight, Bidserv, Bidvest Europe, Bidvest Asia Pacific, Bidfood, Bid Industrial and Commercial Products, Bidpaper Plus, Bid Auto, and Bidvest Namibia. Bidfreight Bidfreight is a private sector freight management group in sub-Saharan Africa, including various independent businesses focusing on terminal operations and logistics, international clearing and freight forwarding, and marine services. This division includes Bulk Connections, Island View Storage Bidfreight Port Operations, Rennies Distribution Services, SACD Freight, South African Bulk Terminals, Naval, Safcor Panalpina, Marine Services, and Manica Africa. Bidserv Bidserv offers various outsourced services, including cleaning, laundry, hygiene, security, interior and exterior landscaping, aviation services, industrial supplies, travel, banking and foreign exchange services, office automation, e-procurement, and online travel in southern Africa. This division includes Prestige Cleaning Services, TMS Group Industrial Services, Laundry Services, Steiner Group, Bidserv Industrial Products, Green Services, Aviation Services, Bidrisk Solutions, Global Payment Technologies, Office Automation, Bidtravel, Business Solutions and Group Procurement, Banking Services, Bureau De Change Services, and Hotel Amenities and Accessories. Bidvest Europe Bidvest Europe operates as a foodservice product distributor in the United Kingdom, Belgium, The Netherlands, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Poland, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates, sourcing and processing own brands, providing products, ingredients, finished products, and equipment to the catering industry. This division includes 3663 First for Foodservice – United Kingdom, Deli XL – Belgium, Deli XL – Netherlands, Nowaco – Czech Republic, Nowaco – Slovakia, Farutex – Poland, Horeca Trade – United Arab Emirates, and Al Difaya – Saudi Arabia. Bidvest Asia Pacific Bidvest Asia Pacific includes Bidvest Australia, Bidvest New Zealand, Angliss Singapore, and Angliss Hong Kong and China. It operates in the foodservice industry and offers various national distribution services. Bidfood Bidfood operates as a multi-range manufacturer and distributor of food products and ingredients. It operates through independent business units in southern Africa, focused at servicing the catering, hospitality, leisure, bakery, poultry, meat, and food processing industries. This division includes Caterplus, Bidfood Ingredients, and Speciality. Bid Industrial and Commercial Products This operates as a manufacturer and distributor of electrical products, appliances and services, office stationery, office furniture, packaging closures, and catering equipment in southern Africa and the United Kingdom. This division includes Voltex Electrical Distribution, Berzacks, Eastman Staples, Catering Equipment, Stationery, Office Furniture, and Packaging Closures. Bidpaper Plus Bidpaper Plus operates as a manufacturer, supplier, and distributor of commercial office products, printer products, services and stationery, and packaging products, through a network of outlets in southern Africa. This division includes printing and related, stationery distribution, alternative products, packaging and label products, and personalisation and mail. Bid Auto Bid Auto offers motor brands through approximately 120 dealerships and service outlets, backed by financial and fleet services, a loyalty programme, and the country’s online retailer of new and pre-owned vehicles. Bidvest Namibia Bidvest Namibia is the holding company for Bidvest’s interests in Namibia, which includes fishing and similar commercial businesses to those of Bidvest in South Africa. This division includes Bidvest Fisheries Holdings and Bidvest Commercial Holdings.

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