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William Jackson Food Group Company Details

Livingstone Road Hessle East Yorkshire
HU13 0DZ

William Jackson Food Group in a nutshell:

They are a family run business and look at those working with and for them vendors suppliers customers colleagues as an extension of the family. They are a family run business and consider their colleagues customers suppliers and local communities as part of them. Community development is also part of their strengths. Employees are respected and well looked after by rewarding their loyalty and commitment recognizing their achievements and providing them opportunities for growth.

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What William Jackson Food Group have to say...

Proudly started in Yorkshire, where William Jackson first opened his original shop in 1851, the William Jackson Food Group is a sixth-generation family business. Abel & Cole, Aunt Bessie’s, The Food Doctor and Jackson’s Yorkshire’s Champion Bread are our brands enjoyed by people up and down the country. We also own Jacksons and MyFresh which supply leading supermarkets, food service businesses and food manufacturers nationwide and abroad with bread and freshly prepared salad and vegetables.

We’re very true to our values and people are unquestionably at the heart of everything we do.

We look after our own people. We respect them and appreciate their role in our success.

We also work very closely with communities local to our businesses as we believe a community should be a better place for having one of our businesses in it.

Not only do we really value our relationships with our customers and the people who buy our food, but we also put a lot of energy into building really strong links and ties with our growers and suppliers. With all our relationships we seek to ensure that the trust placed in us is justified and that those who do business with us find it enjoyable and easy.

We strive daily to live up to our ambition of being ‘a business to be proud of’ and this helps guide what we do and how we do it.

We are a family business and consider those around us – our colleagues, customers, suppliers and local communities – as part of the family. A community should be a better place for having one of our businesses in it and we make sure this is the case.

We look after people well. We respect them and appreciate their role in our success. We’re keen to attract and develop brilliant individuals who share our passion, our pride and our values. We enjoy seeing colleagues succeed and encourage them to be the best they can be by motivating

We are ethical and trustworthy. We take pride in knowing everyone in our supply chain, right the way back to the farmer. We value our reputation for supplying fantastic trusted food, and make our decisions wisely as whatever we do today will impact on tomorrow. We don’t define rights and wrongs, but have a saying “No sharp practice – you will know it when you see it”.

Our business is built on boldness. We’ve had to be bold to survive the challenges of the past 165 years. We will continue to be bold in making our decisions and executing our strategies to ensure we survive for another 160 years and more.

Trusted long-standing relationships are as important to us today as they were to our founder William Jackson six generations ago. We believe great relationships are secured by being honest, open and transparent, with no sharp practice.

William Jackson Food Group

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