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Appt Corporation ta McDonalds Company Details

Uxbridge Road Iron Bridge Hanwell Middlesex

Appt Corporation ta McDonalds in a nutshell:

They became a franchised group of 29 McDonalds restaurants in 2002 located across North and West London and Berkshire. The detail to customer service is excellent despite their expansion to 29 restaurants. They consider it a responsibility of each and every one of their 2500 employees. They aim towards delivering the best quality food excellent service and clean restaurants.

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What Appt Corporation ta McDonalds have to say...

We are a franchised group of 29 McDonald’s restaurants located across North and West London and Berkshire. The franchise is operated by Atul Pathak, who became a McDonald’s Franchisee in 2003. His first restaurant was Southall Drive-Thru in West London.

One of the first things that happened when we took over the restaurant in Southall was to focus on having excellent customer service and getting to know the local community. Although the group has expanded to 29 restaurants, the attention to customer service is stronger than ever. We now have more than 2,500 employees and customer service is the responsibility of each and every employee.

m our inception, our restaurants started supporting and working with various local community and charity groups . Our work with the community is essential to how our business operate

McDonald’s franchisees commit to running each restaurant for a period of 20 years. Even though we are operated as a franchised group of restaurants, we are part of the wider McDonald’s UK family. This means that our restaurant experience is geared towards delivering the highest quality food, excellent service and clean restaurants for customers.

Our employees form part of the bedrock of our business. We place a strong emphasis on the training and development of our staff, along with employing people based on their attitude, not qualifications. Our employees also reflect the wonderful diversity of the local communities in which we operate.

Atul was born in India and came to the UK after graduating in India. One of the reasons why he came to the UK was so that he could pursue his passion to become an entrepreneur.

Atul was always ambitious and determined to succeed in business. He wanted to maintain the values and ethics that had been instilled in him since childhood. The foundation of these ethics and values are about helping others and supporting the community.

In 2002, after working on a number of business ventures, Atul had the opportunity to apply to become a McDonald’s franchisee. He saw this as a huge opportunity to be part of an iconic brand that was known for its quality and service. After a rigorous selection process, Atul embarked on a nine-month training programme, equipping him with the knowledge and practical skills to run and manage a restaurant.

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