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Whether you are a jobseeker looking for new and upcoming opportunities at Santa Maria UK Limited or a shortlisted candidate waiting for your first interview with Santa Maria UK Limited it's important that you do your research about Santa Maria UK Limited and understand who they are as a company, their strategic vision and how you can fit in and support their business goals.

Securing a job and starting a career with Santa Maria UK Limited begins with good preparation. This Santa Maria UK Limited profile page contains a snapshot of the company and provides direct links to their public profile where you can access the latest information to boost your knowledge, understanding and background company information to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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Santa Maria UK Limited Company Details

Nimbus House Maidstone Road Milton Keynes Bucks
MK10 0BD

Santa Maria UK Limited in a nutshell:

Santa Maria was founded as Discovery Foods in 1980s by the travel enthusiast entrepreneur James Beaton. Today owned by Paulig group they employ 900 employees and are the largest seasoning company. They specialize in spices BBQ and Mexican Thai and Indian food all rich with spices. Their knowledge of spices is gained by traveling widely and collecting ideas thus gaining inspiration and knowledge of spices. This enables develop better products with high quality and authenticity.

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What Santa Maria UK Limited have to say...

Our curiosity and passion for good food has helped us to explore new tastes and irresistible flavours from all around the world. The company’s cornerstones are product development and quality. We take care to constantly provide the best in spices and exciting seasonings from around the world, from the raw ingredients - to the kitchens of home cooks. We never stop travelling, collecting ideas and inspiration and cultivating our knowledge of spices. Which allows us to have product development and quality at our core.

Discovery Foods was founded in the late 1980's by well-travelled entrepreneur and passionate foodie, James Beaton. His philosophy was to deliver excellent products and service to all customers and suppliers. In 2009 Discovery Foods was acquired by the Swedish company Santa Maria and is now called Santa Maria UK.

In the early 1900's, Nordfalks was a little spice trade in Gothenburg, Sweden. In 2001, the company name Nordfalks changed to Santa Maria AB. Today we are the largest seasoning company on the Nordic market with 900 employees. Our product concepts are spices, Mexican, Thai Food, Indian Food and BBQ. Santa Maria has a great position in UK and Ireland in Mexican food, spices and snacks.

We are owned by the Paulig Group which is an international enterprise in the food industry; founded in 1876 and noted for high-quality products in key sectors such as Coffee, World Foods & Flavouring and Industrial flavouring. The group has almost 2,000 employees in 15 countries.

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