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Whether you are a jobseeker looking for new and upcoming opportunities at Finsbury Food Group or a shortlisted candidate waiting for your first interview with Finsbury Food Group it's important that you do your research about Finsbury Food Group and understand who they are as a company, their strategic vision and how you can fit in and support their business goals.

Securing a job and starting a career with Finsbury Food Group begins with good preparation. This Finsbury Food Group profile page contains a snapshot of the company and provides direct links to their public profile where you can access the latest information to boost your knowledge, understanding and background company information to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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Finsbury Food Group Company Details

Lightbody of Hamilton Ltd 73 Bothwell Road Hamilton

Finsbury Food Group in a nutshell:

They are a specialist bakeries UK based leading group which produce a diverse range of cakes bread and bakery snack products for huge multiple retailers and other food service channels. The vision of Finsbury Group is to become the best speciality group based in the UK. They plan to achieve this by working with the local communities caring for the environment and working with their vendors to ensure ethical and sustainable ingredients and equipment. They also encourage their employees to grow

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What Finsbury Food Group have to say...

A Group of specialist bakeries across the UK and Europe serving the major retailers and the foodservice market. A UK-incorporated company, Finsbury Food Group is a leading speciality bakery manufacturer, producing a diverse range of cakes, bread and bakery snack products for the major UK multiple retailers and the foodservice channel.

Our strategic objective is to create sustainable value for our shareholders, customers and other stakeholders by building the leading speciality bakery group in the UK. We produce a broad range of high-quality bread, cake and bakery snacking products targeted at growing channels and market niches. These deliver growth and differentiation for our major customers and fulfil the needs of end consumers.

Finsbury Food Group is a leading speciality bakery manufacturer, producing a diverse range of cakes, bread and bakery snack products for the major UK multiple retailers and for the foodservice channel. The Group includes the following brands and bakery companies.

To build the leading speciality bakery group in the UK.By working together we achieve more and make our company even stronger.We take responsibility for our actions and deliver what we commit.We are transparent and open. We actively share our information, knowledge and point of view.We do the right thing, stay true to our word and keep our promises.We respect and value one another. We care for our people, communities and customers.

We create and supply high-quality bread and cakes through a variety of brands and channels.We supply major retailers and the foodservice channel across the UK, and in Europe, with proprietary, own brand and licensed brand bread and cakes.

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