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SK Chilled Foods Ltd Company Details

Wellington House Wynyard Billingham
TS22 5TB

SK Chilled Foods Ltd in a nutshell:

They say practice makes perfect. That must be why our spring rolls are so fantastic. With 58 million made every year we know what goes into making the perfect crispy snack.

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What SK Chilled Foods Ltd have to say...

It’s not just our spring rolls (which come in chicken, duck and vegetable) that set us apart in Oriental snacks.

Each created with love along with fresh ingredients, we’re also proud of our “best in class” prawn toast, battered beef and chicken and not to mention crispy wontons.

It’s making us hungry just thinking about it!

Spicy, tasty and very more-ish, our range of Indian snacks are sure to set the senses alight. We take great care over what is fast becoming the nation’s favourite cuisine – we strive to get the flavour balance, aromas and appeal just right, every time.

There’s craft in our hand-folded samosas, those light and crispy onion bhajis, tempting pakoras and not forgetting our chapa

tti rolls.

Bold and punchy flavours, comfort and that “ah” feeling afterwards – that’s what you get from our Tex Mex range.

With favourites from the USA and traditional Tex Mex – we can offer enticing enchiladas, beautiful burritos, flavoursome fajitas and exciting empanadas (do you see what we did there?).

They’re supported by a great selection of spicy wedges, breaded mushrooms, filled potato skins, ribs and onion rings.

Here at SK we can’t stop ourselves from being creative and we invest in making sure we can keep moving forward, providing customers with more choices and options for their ranges. We’re extremely proud of the extension to our South Bank site – opening this brand-spanking new facility means that we can keep innovating and keep giving our customers more of what they want. Our investment in the new space and equipment, not to mention more colleagues, means that we now have the technology to deliver even more great-tasting foods. We can bake and fry and our chefs got creative – working on recipes that led to delicious ranges of breaded cheeses, onion rings and tempting potato skins.

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