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Highland Spring Group Stirling Street Blackford

Highland Spring Ltd in a nutshell:

The Highland Spring Group is the UKs largest bottled water company. We are proud to produce only naturally sourced bottled water. Our range includes some of the UKs best loved brands such as Highland Spring Speyside Glenlivet Hydr8 and Hydr8 Flavours.

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What Highland Spring Ltd have to say...

Highland Spring Limited was formed by the same family that owns it today in 1979 on our main site in Blackford, Perthshire. In the late 1970s, the market for bottled water was less than 30 million litres a year. So it is testimony to the vision the family had, that one day bottled water and in particular, Highland Spring would be a major player in the UK soft drinks industry.

With the consumer-driven focus of the 1980’s, Highland Spring took its first foray into TV advertising. Sales continued to grow into the 1990s and with more consumers choosing bottled water, the need to reinvest in the company’s infrastructure became evident. Sales demand was outstripping production capability and so investment in new expanded facilities began.

Highland Spring was making a name for itself as a quality brand and other big brands such as British Airways and the world-renowned Gleneagles Hotel started serving it as their bottled water of choice. These are business relationships that continue to this day.

In the 1970s, the business decided that there would be no farming of any sort permitted on the Highland Spring catchment site, so as to ensure the water we bottle is as pure as can be.. And in 2001 this decision was rewarded with organic accreditation by the prestigious Soil Association, which we still hold. At the same time, the company became the first UK beverage producer to be recognised for its environmental efforts achieving EMAS accreditation.

By 2004, Highland Spring had become the No. 1 sparkling brand in the UK and a £10 million brand building programme was launched so the brand could grow in line with the ever- growing demand for naturally sourced bottled water.

Following the purchase of the Speyside Glenlivet premium water business in 2009 and two further water businesses from Greencore Group Plc, Highland Spring Group is now the biggest producer and supplier of naturally sourced bottled water in the UK.

All Highland Spring Group's waters are drawn from naturally renewable protected underground sources, constantly replenished by ample rainfall. As long as it continues to rain on Britain's beautiful rural landscapes, Highland Spring Group will supply pure, natural bottled water to the UK and beyond.

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