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Whether you are a jobseeker looking for new and upcoming opportunities at Gerber Emig Group Ltd or a shortlisted candidate waiting for your first interview with Gerber Emig Group Ltd it's important that you do your research about Gerber Emig Group Ltd and understand who they are as a company, their strategic vision and how you can fit in and support their business goals.

Securing a job and starting a career with Gerber Emig Group Ltd begins with good preparation. This Gerber Emig Group Ltd profile page contains a snapshot of the company and provides direct links to their public profile where you can access the latest information to boost your knowledge, understanding and background company information to keep you one step ahead of the competition.

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Gerber Emig Group Ltd Company Details

Mallard Court Express Park Bridgwater Somerset

Gerber Emig Group Ltd in a nutshell:

They began as a small food business and produce 650 million litres of juice per year making them the largest dedicated juice manufacturer in Europe and UKs most successful producer.They also work closely with other big and large manufacturers from production to packing offering back office functions from orders to payments which they have been successfully accomplishing for over 3 decades.

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What Gerber Emig Group Ltd have to say...

In short, we’re all about you. We work with you to understand your business needs and ambitions. And then we pull out all the stops to deliver.

Our business is physically built around this ethos. We’ve invested heavily in ensuring we can produce quality in quantity, from initial idea, through sourcing, product development, manufacturing and packaging, to logistics and category management. And we work hard to ensure we stay nimble, responsive, flexible and scalable.

We’re a family business so we’re also “people” people. And we’ve used our expert market and category knowledge to build an industry leading infrastructure that is characterised by state-of-the-art facilities, the latest technology and the broadest possible range of fully integrated manufacturing logistics, services and packaging. And we’ll continue to invest in the infrastructure to support the brands we work with.

For over 30 years, we’ve been successfully packaging, producing and transporting private labels for multiple retailers. We’ve also developed and grown our own portfolio of juice and juice drink brands. And we work closely with juice brands big and small, from production through contract packing, to transport and back office functions of every kind, from order to payment.

Experts in juice, soft drinks and liquid food, we’ve diversified and customers now benefit from our third party logistics offering where any product – food or non-perishable – can find an unparalleled route to market through Refresco.

We can take your products wherever they need to go across the UK and Europe, end to end.

Today we’re the UK’s most successful producer of fruit juice drinks and Europe’s largest dedicated juice manufacturer, producing 650 million litres of juice per year. But we’ve grown from humble beginnings, starting out as a small food business in the West Country.

Somerset Fruit Products was established in a nineteenth century brewery in the 1820s and evolved over the next 100 years, producing preserves and canned produce, fillings and jams. In 1985, the Hanover Group acquired the juice business and we became Gerber Foods Manufacturing.

Over the subsequent years, the company innovated and diversified, invested and acquired, expanded and developed, winning contracts and growing overseas.

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