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Youngs Seafood Ltd Company Details

Ross House Wickham Road Grimsby

Youngs Seafood Ltd in a nutshell:

For more than 200 years they have been selecting the best available fish and then creating the most delicious fish dishes out of them. Today Young Seafood are Britians leading seafood manufacturer touching a turnover of 600 million pounds with 12 manufacturing sites based in UK and supplies a portfolio of frozen fish to large retailers food service outlets and restaurants. In the recent past 300 million seafood dishes have been created by a team of 3000 employees.

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What Youngs Seafood Ltd have to say...

Here at Young’s we’ve been perfecting the art of taking the best fish and creating delicious fish dishes for over 200 years. Today we’re proud to be the leading seafood manufacturer in the UK, sourcing over 30 species from 5 continents. With a turnover of £600 million, and 12 manufacturing sites across the UK, our company provides a broad portfolio of chilled and frozen fish to Britain’s major retailers, restaurants and food service businesses. In the last year alone our team of over 3,000 people worked to create over 300 million seafood dishes for the Nation to enjoy.

Young’s Seafood Limited is home of the Young’s brand, famous today for family favourites such as Chip Shop, Scampi; and more recently the Young’s Gastro chef inspired range. At Young’s we also work closely with our retail partners to create a wide range of retailer branded fish and seafood dishes.

At Young’s we pride ourselves on being passionate about fish and seafood. Everything we do is guided by our 10 principles for responsible sourcing because we believe in protecting our seas so we can continue to enjoy fish for now and for generations to come.

The UK government advice is to eat two portions of seafood a week, one of which should be oily. That’s because seafood is really good for you, and contains many vitamins and minerals that the body needs to function properly.

Seafood is a great source of protein: a portion of seafood would typically provide you with around half of your protein requirement for the day.

Protein is essential for the growth and maintenance of muscles and body tissues.

We all need fat in our diet, but too much of a particular kind of fat (saturated fat) can raise cholesterol, increasing the risk of heart disease. Therefore we should try to cut down on foods that are high in saturated fat. This doesn’t mean all fat is bad; we need some fat in our diet because it helps the body absorb certain nutrients. Fat also gives us energy and provides some essential fatty acids that the body can’t make itself.

Seafood is generally lower in saturated fat than other proteins, so eating more fish is a great way to help reduce your saturated fat intake. Another way to reduce the amount of saturated fat in your diet is to grill, bake, poach or steam your seafood wherever possible instead of using the frying pan.

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